$695 in Sterling Silver
14K Yellow Gold
14K White Gold


Hawaiian Monarchy Bracelet Watch

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Our newest product is revolutionary! We have combined the traditional hand engraved glass enamel Hawaiian style bracelet with a delicate Hurtig watch for a totally new look... the only Hawaiian Bracelet watch in the world!

Available in your choice of Sterling Silver or 14K yellow or white gold, we hand craft each three dimensional, fine jewelry bracelet to house our Hurtig watch to custom fit your wrist in sizes 5.75, 6, 6.5, 7, or 7.5. We hand engrave the names of your choice in Hawaiian or English, utilizing the traditional glass enamel technique for our hand carved lettering, as was the original jewelry made for Hawaiian Royalty over 130 years ago. The back of the bracelet is hand carved in a Hawaiian Plumeria flower and Maile leaf design. This fine product is a gift you can be proud to give or own.


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