This philosophy of Bernard Hurtig stems from a lifelong practice of serving the public with integrity and genuine value. His "marketing ability" actually began when he was six years old. It was at this time that he discovered his uncanny knack for selling items in his father's small hotels in Canada. These items included everything from English bone china to toffee and even Canadian Indian moccasins! This experience instilled in him the keen insight of "knowing the value of what you are selling."

How, then, did Bernard Hurtig evolve into one of today's renowned jewelers? In 1963, Bernard and Helen Hurtig traveled from Canada to Japan and virtually became enamored with and involved with Japanese art as a hobby. That hobby soon became a notably established and growing business. He delved into Japanese Netsuke with European collectors and published his first major book, Masterpieces of Netsuke Art, in 1973. Helen went on to publish an acclaimed magazine on Japanese art for 12 years. It was while residing in Europe that the Hurtigs became interested in the appreciation of jewelry. Bernard's vast knowledge of Netsuke, combined with his great zeal for jewelry and his acute observations of jewelry designs reflecting fine influences dating back centuries - all contributed to his venturing forth in designing jewelry.

In 1976, the first increment of Bernard Hurtig's at the Kahala Hilton was opened and featured his prestigious 18 karat gold jewelry and Netsuke.

1995 saw the opening of Time Tower - an exciting venue showcasing the painstaking dedication of the Hurtig tradition... over 100 styles are featured from handsome sports watches to exquisite dress watches personally designed by the Hurtigs. They exude quality in every aspect of the creation. While the watches are without question not "cheap", they are most distinctively inexpensive. This is credited to the Hurtigs offering their line of watches directly to the consumer - there is no middleman.

A watch by Bernard or Helen Hurtig is a solid guarantee that only the finest materials comprise it. Personally designed and made by the Hurtigs from cases that will not rust... to the distinguished Swiss movement, the Time Tower line of watches reflect their attention to the most miniscule detail and honored commitment to quality:

It's only worthwhile to do it right. So we do it right!

"Excellence and Quality. Great Imaginative designs." The Hurtigs have turned their talents to designing high-quality affordable watches. The fine touch of a jewelry designer is evident at first glance. However, they have one other feature not usually found in a watch, great imagination in design.

"All Distribution is controlled directly." The Hurtigs control the complete production process from design through assembly, manufacturing and and selling. This is unheard of in the watch industry. Compare the distribution process of Swiss Hawaiian to the traditional watch companies and it is easy to see how they can make the statement "Wholesale to the public".

Compare the Difference!

Traditional Swiss
Watch Company

  1. Design company

  2. Manufacturer / Assembler

  3. Distributor or distribution subsidiary USA or any other country

  4. Advertising agency

  5. Sales agent

  6. Stores that sell the watches

We eliminate 4of the 6 profits and
pass the savings on to the customer.
This is truly wholesale from the designer to the consumer.
Great quality at inexpensive prices.

An Important Announcement
At last! Gold that doesn't easily wear off.

We are using the New high-tech IPG process which doesn't peel and lasts a very long time. It's revolutionary. A beautiful gold finish that stays beautiful. We have used this new high-tech process in order to maintain our leadership in high quality time pieces.

All of these watches feature Swiss-made movements and are water proof and many models are water resistant to 100 meters.

International Worldwide Guarantee
Fast, international guarantee... 2 weeks turnaround service.

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